Al'Adzkiya International of Education and Sosial (AIoES) Journal

Al'Adzkiya International of Education and Social (AIoES) Journal.

Online ISSN:2721-8716
Publisher:Al'Adzkiya International Education and Research (AIER) /Al'Adzkiya Foundation
Editor in Chief:Sri Hariani Manurung
Frequency:2 issues per year: May & Oktober
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Al'Adzkiya International of Education and Social (AIoES) Journal contains publications in education and social fields such as integrated stem education, steam education, socio-scientific issue based teaching and learning, curriculum and teaching, curriculum ideology, curriculum development, learning progress, bioinformatics learning, ICT-based teaching and learning, mathematics learning, character education, socio-culture, law and indigenous and cultural knowledge-based learning. In order to have a direct impact on the development of the quality of education at the national and international level, all articles published in the Al'Adzkiya International of Education and Social (AIoES) Journal since 2021 must have a real impact on the development of national and international curricula.

Al'Adzkiya International of Education and Social (AIoES) Journal is published by the al'adzkiya rantauprapat foundation in collaboration with Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara. This journal is a peer-reviewed journal published in Indonesia, but the main purpose of this journal is to share thoughts about education and its impact on improving the quality of education in Indonesia.

Al'Adzkiya International of Education and Social (AIoES) Journal has e-issn: 2721-8716. and has used anti-plagiarism software Turnitin to check the authenticity of the article, and has been indexed on Google Scholar, Garuda Portal, Copernicus and others.




Call for Papers (May 2022)

Dear Author / Researcher We Invite Papers for Vol 3 No.1 of 2022 from lecturers, researchers, students, teachers. Important dates as follows: Final Date for submission of papers: February 7, 2022 Publication Date: May 20, 2022 Submitted papers must be in English. Guidelines for writers are available here, papers that do not meet the requirements we will reject, to be corrected again. Please send your paper through: Thank you Regards Al'Adzkiya International Education and Research (AIER)  
Posted: 2022-01-23

Call for Editor and Reviewer

Al'Adzkiya International Education and Social (AIoES) Journal in 2021 will call academics with good academic backgrounds and want to serve and share as editors and reviewers. Applicants must have a significant publication of a specific field of research and review (min H-index: 3 on Scopus and Google Scholar). To submit yourself as an Editor or Reviewer click here.  
Posted: 2020-05-05
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Vol 3, No 1 (2022)

Articles in the press are peer-reviewed articles, articles accepted for publication in this Volume and Number. When a final article is assigned to a publication volume/edition, the article in the press version will be deleted and the final version will appear in the related publication volume/edition. The date the article was first made available online will carry over. It should be noted that, although articles in print media do not yet have all the bibliographic details, articles can already be cited using the online publication year and DOI, as follows: author, article title, publication (year) and DOI.

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Yully Yanti Lubis
Gunawan Gunawan, Muhammad Adyan Simanjuntak, Siti Marisa
Yonata Telaumbanua
Yonando Sembiring
Yenni Aisyah
Hardyanti Wulandary
Eka Nur Fitria
Anisa A
Ayu Kusheilla Apriliana
Megawati Hutapea