Publication Ethics

Al'Adzkiya International of Education and Social (AIoES) Journal follows the guidelines established by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in all matters relating to publicity ethics, particularly in research and publication error protocols. Al'adzkiya International of Education and Social (AIoES) adapts COPE to meet high ethical standards aimed at editors, writers, and peer review. The publisher has no right to interfere with the integrity of the contents of the paper and is only responsible for publishing periodically and on time.


For Editors

  1. The Editor is responsible for each manuscript published in the Al'adzkiya International of Education and Social (AIoES) Journal.
  2. The editor must ensure that the author follows the writing procedures in the Al'adzkiya International of Education and Social (AIoES) Journal.
  3. The Editor can communicate with the Journal Manager, other Editors, and Peer Reviews in making a final decision.
  4. The Editor must provide an objective evaluation of the manuscript regardless of aspects of citizenship, ethnicity, political affiliation, ethnic group, nationality, religion, gender, seniority, or affiliation of the author's institution.
  5. The editor must decline the assignment when there is a potential conflict of interest
  6. The editor must ensure that the manuscripts sent to peer reviews do not contain information about the author, and vice versa.
  7. Editor's decisions must be submitted to the author accompanied by peer review responses, except those that are personal or defamatory.
  8. The editor must respect the request of the author who refuses the individuals to evaluate the manuscript as long as the reason is acceptable.
  9. If the Editor finds or suspects a violation. writing and authorship conflict, editors can follow the guidelines in the COPE flow chart in dealing with authorship conflicts.
  10. The editor and all staff must guarantee the confidentiality of all submitted manuscripts.


For Reviewers

  1. Peer reviews are asked to provide possible comments in research manuscripts if they suspect finding errors in writing procedures, publication ethics and publishing
  2. Peer reviews are expected to complete the work on the specified time and provide information to the Editor if they are unable to meet the specified deadline.
  3. Peer reviews must be able to keep the confidentiality of the author's manuscript.
  4. Peer reviews may not accept manuscripts for evaluation if there is a potential for a conflict of interest or competitive, collaborative, or other relationship with any author, company or institution.
  5. Peer reviews must ask Editor for consideration/attention to the similarity of the substances or overlap between the manuscripts under consideration and other published papers with the same author.
  6. Information or special ideas obtained through peer review must be kept confidential and not used for personal gain.


For Authors

  1. The author must be able to ensure that the manuscript has never been published before or has never transferred the rights of the article to another party.
  2. The author ensures the authenticity of manuscripts from the results of the work and follows the rules of quoting in accordance with the reference format that is adjusted.
  3. The author must not be involved in plagiarism or auto-plagiarism.
  4. The author must follow the procedures/rules of writing the predetermined AIoES Journal
  5. The author does not send manuscripts/texts together with the same topic and title to other journals.
  6. The author must be able to provide information and make detailed research data related, if the editor finds allegations of misrepresentation or forgery or plagiarism in the manuscript.
  7. If an author discovers errors or inaccuracies that affect the submitted manuscripts/texts, the author must immediately notify the Editor or Journal manager to immediately withdraw the writing and correct the manuscript.
  8. Authors are not permitted to withdraw articles that are being reviewed by reviewers before being returned by reviewers to the Editor.