ICT Education for Children

Agustina Maharani, Agustina Maharani


The development of information technology education is not something we can avoid because it makes our life easier. We can send messages easily and find information quickly and easily. However, behind all these conveniences we must pay attention to values, norms and ethics and what are the positive and negative impacts of Information Technology because we can know the limitations of what can be done with the development of information technology.

We also need to pay attention to the development of Information Technology. We also do not escape from abandoning traditional ethics towards children because this is very important. If we do not pay attention, supervise and guide children who use Information Technology, this can have a destructive impact, and children can fall into bad things. For example, children like violent games. This will affect the minds of children. Then the children could be accessing pornographic sites. Therefore, we must guide and supervise children in utilizing Information Technology.


technology education; technology advances

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