The Difficulties and Learning Processes of Mathematics in Elementary Schools during the Pandemic

Fahrani Aftiansyah


Mathematics learning in elementary school is done online through WhatsApp, zoom, and google classroom applications. Learning mathematics through the application is to explain an abstract concept in the form of teacher explanations, giving learning videos, as well as notes or summaries that the teacher makes so that students can clearly receive the subject matter. A concept in elementary school students must be explained through various media because elementary school children are still entering their childhood
concrete operations. The positive impact of online learning during COVID-19 is that all elements can be technology literate by getting to know various face-to-face applications that are available
used to facilitate the online teaching and learning process. In addition, learning becomes more flexible because it can be done anytime and anywhere without being glued to the classroom walls.
The negative impact of online learning during COVID-19 is that teachers and students cannot provide feedback quickly, children's understanding of a material is not in-depth, assessments are only carried out through results assessments, and students cannot submit assignments on time due to unavailable means, the increasing need for internet quotas, parents being busy with their children's tasks or work, and boredom in children who feel only stuck on assignments, as well as unclear teacher explanations when learning through face-to-face applications when the signal is terrible so that the material delivered becomes unclear. This is due to the unpreparedness of all elements for their existence
online learning and the lack of facilities and infrastructure that can be used for education during online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


mathematics; pandemic Covid-19

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